Family Dental Care: Your Guide to the Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Having the right family dental care practice supporting you will make things like teeth whitening a breeze. We take a look at why this service is important.
Family Dental Care: Your Guide to the Benefits of Teeth Whitening
March 10, 2023

Seven out of ten people in America feel self-conscious about their teeth. This is often due to their teeth being discolored. Some people may be so unhappy with their teeth that they may refuse to smile or laugh. 

You can fix this problem via family dental care teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening can brighten your teeth with a short procedure. But what kind of benefits can you experience from teeth whitening?

Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Safe Treatment

There are many ways to whiten your teeth. But letting a professional do it for you is the safest method. You might have heard of DIY whitening methods like using baking soda on your teeth. 

This method can indeed whiten your teeth. It does this by scraping away the top layer of your tooth enamel. This reveals the unstained layer of enamel underneath. 

But this is not good for your oral health. Brushing your teeth with an abrasive substance will damage your teeth. This is because your tooth enamel is meant to protect the sensitive inner layers of your teeth. 

Your teeth are filled with pulp, which contains blood vessels and nerves. Thinning your tooth enamel will make your teeth more sensitive. It may cause pain in your teeth too. 

The problem is that tooth enamel can't grow back. Once you brush it away, your teeth will be permanently thinner. This is why you should not try to whiten your teeth at home. 

You will do more harm than good. 

The Details

Most DIY methods don't work very well anyway. Some people try to whiten their teeth with charcoal or whitening strips. 

Many people rely on whitening toothpaste. But these products will only do so much. Whitening toothpaste and strips have hydrogen peroxide. 

This ingredient can whiten your teeth. But these products have very small concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. You can brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste every day, but your teeth will only get slightly whiter. 

You might not notice a difference after all that work. Going to a professional is different. This is because professional teeth whitening uses high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. 

This ensures that the whitening agent makes a difference. You will see a big difference after the procedure. The only side effect is that your teeth may feel sensitive for a few days. 

But this feeling should go away on its own. 

Improved Confidence

Many people are embarrassed about their teeth because they are discolored. Teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. It usually involves not brushing your teeth often enough. 

It also involves foods and drinks that contain strong pigments. Coffee and red wine are the most common culprits. This is because they contain small, pigmented particles that stick to your teeth. 

If you don't brush your teeth after consuming them, they will stain your teeth. This may turn your teeth yellow or brown. Many people want to hide their teeth if they aren't perfectly white. 

This can lead to problems with self-confidence. Many people feel that they would have a better social life if their teeth looked better. A smile makeover can solve this problem. 

What You Need to Know

Whitening your teeth is not a simple process. Yet it can still provide big differences in how you feel about yourself and your teeth. Most people feel much more confident once they whiten their teeth. 

This is important because no one wants to go their whole life ashamed of their teeth. It is better to get out of your shell and feel better about yourself. You can fix other dental problems while you're at the dentist as well. 

The dentist can address any crookedness or other problems you may have. The dentist can also check to make sure your oral health is in good shape. This is important before getting your teeth whitened. 

You may not be a good candidate for the procedure if you have tooth decay, gum disease, or cavities. But your dentist can treat all of these problems. Not only will you have healthy teeth, but you'll feel much better about how your teeth look.

Long-Lasting Results

Another great thing about professional teeth whitening is that the results will last a long time. Most people find that the results last a year or two. It is recommended that you schedule a teeth whitening appointment once a year. 

This will prevent you from overdoing the procedure and damaging your teeth. After about two years, your teeth may not look as bright white anymore. This is due to the natural exposure of food and drinks to your teeth. 

Brushing your teeth twice a day can make the results last longer. This will keep particles of pigment from sticking to your teeth and staining them. But you will eventually need to go back to your dentist and get your teeth whitened again. 

This will ensure that you always have a bright white Hollywood smile. It will also keep you feeling confident about your teeth and smile. 

All About Family Dental Care and Teeth Whitening

Everyone needs basic family dental care to keep their teeth in good shape. Teeth whitening is a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth. It also does wonders for improving your confidence. 

It is much safer than whitening your teeth at home, since it won't damage your enamel. The procedure is fast and painless. To learn more about family dental care and teeth whitening, check out our services.

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