Advanced Smiles is Community-Focused for Families in Marion, OH

Finding the right dental clinic for your needs requires understanding its focus. Here is how Advanced Smiles is community-focused for families in Marion, OH.
Advanced Smiles is Community-Focused for Families in Marion, OH
February 2, 2023

At Advanced Smiles, we use a complete dental care approach.

Being a family dentistry isn't only about maintaining those crucial pearly whites. While we also provide stellar family dental care, believing advanced dentistry strives for a better connection with our patients.

For that reason, our values are rooted in community focus. But what exactly does that mean? To learn more about how Advanced Smiles operates as a community-focused dentistry, keep reading the FAQ below! 

1. Why Does Community Focus Matter in Dentistry?

Most dental patients are local. That designates dentistry as fixtures in their local community, functioning as health-based hubs for those in the local vicinity.

This designation improves dentistries' opportunities to get involved with their communities. By doing so, they can also help different members of these communities connect.

2. How Do Our Values Reflect Community Focus?

Family dental services usually operate on particular patient-forward principles. Still, different dental services have different methods of care and have their own unique values! Let us explain how our philosophy as dentists for families reflects our community-oriented dedication.

Patient-Forward Service

We provide better services by imbuing our services, values, and operations with a community focus. As a family dentist, we are here to assist you.

From the moment you step through our dentistry doors, we're there with big smiles and open arms. That's because we foster a welcoming environment for people of all ages. When you walk into our dentistry, you'll know you've made the best decision for you and your family.

We've also made our offices kid-friendly. This way, we better ensure that the little ones have a great time. Dental anxiety can plant its roots early, and we want to ensure that your kids never feel negative about appointments to the point of breaking the habit when they're older.


Not every patient is the same, so before we perform any services, we try to understand your dental health goals. These goals aren't just about your teeth, however.

Since we wish to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit, we also want to get to know you! Positive dentist-patient relationships help everyone involved view the experience positively, encouraging you to look forward to your visits and maintain your health.

It's also important to discuss any anxieties or future concerns about your teeth or appointments. We're dentists for kids and dentists for adults, and patients can develop dental anxiety when they're young and continue to suffer from it as they get older. If that applies to you or a child in your family, communicating these concerns can help us better tailor your experience for you!


Many families rely on affordable dental care to get the care they need. We're perfectly aware of that, so we strive to provide affordable services.

Affordability doesn't come at the cost of outstanding care. Many upscale dentistries charge steep prices due to their location.

But at Advanced Smiles, our team of experts uses state-of-the-art dentistry technology while still providing affordable services. This way, we can provide modern care while maximizing accessibility.

3. How Does Advanced Smiles Get Involved in the Community?

Of course, our dedication to our community isn't limited to our offices. We also prioritize community outreach, doing our part to create stronger bonds within our community.

Marion Made Membership

Marion Made is an organization that seeks to foster community engagement and pride for locals in the Marion area. The platform often promotes positive, uplifting stories about local people, projects, and more, providing a centralized space for passionate community members to showcase their Marion local pride.

This project helps uplift local Marion organizations and encourages Marion locals to love their neighborhood. Even when things get tough, whether because of a pandemic or a recession, Marion Made exists to demonstrate that wholesome, positive experiences exist right in locals' backyards.

Marion Palace Theatre Sponsorship

The arts are integral to community but are consistently financially undersupported. That is why we sponsor Marion Palace Theatre, which has been open in our neighborhood for nearly an entire century!

This cornerstone of our community features films, live performances, and more that inspire and enrich people's imaginations. Since this theatre continues to flourish, it can provide locals with this enrichment. 

Free Child Dental Care

As mentioned before, we try to make our services as affordable as possible. That's why we offer free child dental care through the Give Kids a Smile program. This program is headed by the American Dental Association and the Ohio Dental Association, as well as other US-based state and local dental organizations.

The Give Kids a Smile Program aims to offer dental health treatment to children under 18 years old without dental insurance. By doing so, we hope to close the gap between financial accessibility and adequate dental care.

We also provide free dental health education, which can empower your children to optimize their oral health. We're more than happy to volunteer our time and services, helping fortify your family's agency over their oral health.

Much More!

We're happy to have found so many opportunities to invest in our community. However, we're so glad to do much more. That's where you come in!

Contact us if you have an event or organization and would like community support. We'd be happy to discuss your mission and support a great cause.

4. Why Does Community Focus Matter to Our Services?

We want members of our community to thrive, which means we apply that same passion to our services. By imbuing our services, values, and operations with a community focus, we provide better care.

Improving dental health inevitably improves people's general health. By sustaining their general health, people can maintain their livelihoods. An inherent passion for the work also supports our quality, keeps us motivated, allows our services to evolve, and helps us think of even better ways to support our local patients.

Community is Essential for Family Dentistry

Here at Advanced Smiles, our patients' well-being is paramount. That belief applies to both their oral health and their overall sense of being. By focusing our ethos on community, we can connect with patients like you and provide excellent dentistry services.

Want to learn more and need a local dentist in Marion, OH? Let us help you by booking an appointment with us today!

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